2018 Studio Rental Rates

Photo & Video Studio Rental Rates

Weekdays (Monday-Friday)
10AM-6PM: 45/Hour
After Hours: 65/Hour
Day (10-6PM): 300/Day
Weekends (Saturday-Sunday)
10AM-6PM: 55/Hour
After Hours: 65/Hour
Day (10-6PM): 375/Day

Our studio is equipped with an infinity backdrop, a changing room, and conference room to suit all your needs. In addition to that, when you are renting, you have access to our lighting equipment.


Minimum 2 Hours for Weekdays.

Minimum 3 Hours for Weekends.

Off-hour bookings are up for review before the rental can be confirmed.


These are the most accurate rates and are current. If any rates of LensLockers Studio or site is different, please refer to this current page. Studio rates will be increasing at the end of January 2019. Please visit this blog post about our future studio rental rate increases.