The 7AB/R is our standard, 7-inch silver field reflector, having an 80º beam spread. The reflector fits around the flashtube and modeling lamp on the front faceplate of all standard Paul C. Buff™ flash units. The 7AB/R can be used alone for a bright, directed throw, and used together with many of our light modifying accessories as well. Our 7-inch honeycomb grids can be used to tighten the beam spread, fitting into the reflector’s recessed outer lip. The LiteMod™ Barndoors may be used with the reflector directly as well, fitting around the outer lip to direct the throw of light. The reflector additionally has an umbrella hole for use with various brands of umbrellas and brolly boxes. The 7AB/R measures 3.75 inches deep and 7 inches in diameter.

Paul C. Buff 7-inch Standard Reflector

SKU: PC7170
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