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What You Need for Your First Shoot at LensLockers Studio

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

If you're reading this, you or your team has probably booked a studio booking here at LensLockers Studio. Here's a quick breakdown of some of the things that you'll need to know in order to ensure that you have the best experience possible.


Arriving to LensLockers Studio


LensLockers Studio is located at 24 Roland Street, Boston MA 02129. If you are commuting by car, we are 5 minutes off the Somerville Exit on i-93. If you are commuting by train, we are a just a 10 minute walk from Sullivan Square Station Orange Line (there are plenty of bus connections to Sullivan Square as well).

Parking Spaces

There are parking spots available for you and your clients to park at in front of the building. Please park in front of the LensLockers signage in front of the building. If you have a substantial number of people who will be coming to your booking and require parking spaces, please let us know in advance.

Once you enter the building, the studio is the first door to your right. There will be someone to greet you if you scheduled your studio rental for a weekday.


If you scheduled a weekend rental, the front door to the building MAY be locked by the time you arrive -- so please call the number 781-333-5255 and we'll come out to open the doors for the building. It is the building policy to keep the doors locked during the certain times in the weekend - please let your team and clients know to call this number if they wish to leave and reenter the building at another time.

Early Arrivals

Please make sure to arrive no earlier than 20 minutes before your studio booking and to vacate within 15 minutes of the studio booking ending.


What's Included With Your Booking

General Space:

You get access to the Studio Bay, Make-Up Area, and Conference Room. To see photos of these areas, check out our Studio Gallery. Please note that the Lobby/Reception area is a shared space.

With a few exceptions, feel free to use all the resources that are in the Studio Bay, Make-Up, and Conference Room, such as the speakers, table, props, fans, Make-Up Chair & Tables, HairDryers, Clothing Steamer, TV, etc. Water and Coffee is available at no charge. If you're unsure about anything ask our team.

Included Lighting:

You can learn more about the lighting we include for free for your Studio rental here.

Included for Free in your rentals is your choice of 3x Paul C. Buff Einstein strobes (with your choice of modifiers) or 3x Ikan LED lights (500W, 500W, 1000W). Your choice will be prepared onto our Manfrotto Ceiling Rails at the time of your arrival unless you request otherwise (if you're bringing your own lighting, or prefer the lights on C-Stands for example).

If you have more intensive lighting needs - please contact us to see whether we can make those accommodations possible.

Studio General Info & Rules:

  • Restrooms: Bathrooms are located in the main hallways of the building. Changing/Makeup rooms are located behind the studio bay. Please do not change in the shared bathrooms.

  • Amenities: Water and coffee is available at no charge. Reach out to our LensLockers Agents for assistance if needed.

  • TV: Let LensLockers Agents know if you'd like to play Netflix/Youtube/etc. videos of your choosing on the Conference TV or reception projector.

  • Arrival: Please make sure to arrive no earlier than 30 minutes prior to your studio rental time.

  • Keeping the Space Clean: The cyclorama is built into the studio and is set to matte white. Since the cyclorama is quite fragile, we just request that anyone who is not the models use the shoe covers available at the side of your booking.