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Studio Lighting Set-up

When you book a photo or video studio session at LensLockers Studio, you know you're getting amazing value because we include everything you'll need to come in and get started shooting right from the get-go.

What's Included Your studio booking will always include for free your choice of lighting set-up. You can choose between 3x photography strobes from Paul C. Buff Einsteins or 3x continuous LED lights from iKan (1000w, 500w, 500w).

With the Paul C. Buff Einsteins, we'll also have the Cyber Commander remote available, which you can instantly connect to your camera from Canon, Nikon, or Sony and be able to wirelessly control the strobes. By default, one of the Paul C. Buff Einstein Strobes will have the 3ft Octabox and the others will have foldable 30'' x 60'' Rectangular Softbox. If you'd like to have a different light modifier included in your rentals, all you have to do is email about your booking and we'll make sure to have your desired set-up ready when you come in for your booking. Please note that certain light modifiers may cost an additional 5-10 dollars.


Studio Lighting Set-up Upgrades

Although our included lighting set-ups are great options, you may want even more control of your studio lighting. In that case, you can add on Profoto B1 Strobes for your portrait or editorial photoshoots. In addition to being the industry standard for strobe photography, the Profoto B1s allow you have have faster cycle speeds, which is perfect for in studio action shots.

For video, we would recommend either upgrading (or simply adding more lights) to the Dracasts (1000W output) or LitePanels LED Lights (1000W output).

To view our full Studio Lighting Set-up that is available for rental, you can visit our rental site here. As always, you will receive a 50% discount when you rent equipment that stays within the studio for the purpose of your shoot. Any equipment available on our rental site is also available for rental use outside of our studio. Please note that any equipment that is brought outside of our studio premise will typically require a deposit and additional rental forms to be signed.

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