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LensLockers Studio Rules & Policies

If it's your first time renting the photo & video studio from LensLockers - it is good to get familiarized with the rules of the Studio. We recommend that you and your crew all take a brief look at the rules (most of this is explained during a studio tour, which you can schedule here).

Studio Rules

  1. Lessee shall not act in any manner that conflicts with laws, ordinances, orders, requirements, rules, or regulations of the Fire Department, or Board of Health, or any other Government Department or agency having jurisdiction.

  2. Lessee shall notify LensLockers of the specific purpose of each rental in conjunction with scheduling said rental.

  3. Lessee agrees to have a maximum of eight people in each session. In the event that Lessee’s rental session requires more than eight people in attendance, Lessee must notify LensLockers in writing with each additional person’s name and contact information. LensLockers reserves the right to charge a fee for each additional person above the eight person limit.

  4. LensLockers is in no way responsible for any items left behind by Lessee – items left after 7 days will be assumed abandoned and discarded.

  5. No smoking is allowed in the building. There are designated areas for smoking outside the building.

  6. Lessee acknowledges that the Premise is located near other office buildings and units and therefore agrees to keep noise level such that it does not disturb neighboring occupants. Lessee shall comply with any of LensLockers’ request to reduce the volume. If repeated disturbances are created, LensLockers reserves the right to end the noise or expel Lessee from premises without any further liability to Lessee.

  7. No one who is drunk or under the influence of any illegal substance will be admitted.

  8. No pets are allowed without the prior written consent of a company representative.

  9. Food and drink must stay on areas of hard floors and not carpeted areas.

  10. Lessee agrees to use the studio for photography, videography, or similar with the exception of activities that require the use of flammable props, chemicals, or specialized ventilation.

  11. Lessee agrees to maintain adult supervision of minors at all times, and to keep minors away from the parking area and equipment.

  12. With LensLockers’ written consent, Lessee may bring or ship props or products to LensLockers Studio before the rental. Lessee agrees that LensLockers is not responsible for the Lessee’s props or products at any time before or after their rental term. LensLockers reserves the right to decline Lessee’s request to bring or use props/products it deems unsafe for storage, may hinder LensLockers’ daily operations, and may charge an additional fee for any handling of such items.

  13. Lessee and party must wear shoe covers unless they are models to be photographs. Lessee is responsible for taking precaution with using the cyclorama.

  14. In the event that the cyclorama is excessively dirty and requires a new layer of paint Lessee will be charged an upkeep fee for the paint job.

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