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Part-time Positions at LensLockers

Earn Studio Time & Equipment Rentals

If you’re a photographer interested in using the LensLockers Studio Space, or would like to rent gear, you might be interested in helping our small team out here at LensLockers in exchange for credits you can use towards studio rentals or equipment rentals.

These positions is a part-time, as-needed basis and can be very flexible according to your availability and needs as well. If you’ve got a weekend free, or some mornings open, you could be earning helping out for studio hours & equipment usage.

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The two main areas needed:

  1. Studio Sessions Management - You’ll be helping managing individual studio sessions, prepping the studio, occasionally helping clients, rent out gear, answering calls & inquiries about the studio. You’ll have lots of opportunities to interacting with other creatives and their projects. When you’re not helping a customer out, you could use that time to work on personal projects.

  2. Equipment Fulfillment & Maintenance - Enjoy working with gear & are detail oriented? You might be interested in assisting in gear rental returns for EXTRA studio time or equipment. In general this involves accepting returns from members, auditing returned gear, and maintaining gear that’s been returned by LEAP Members.

How the trade works:

For studio management, and you’ll earn gear or studio credits on an hourly basis while equipment fulfillment will generally compensated on a per order fulfilled basis. Details could change depending on your specific circumstance.

Is this Right for You?

You can select which areas you’d like to help out with. Prior experience with using studio equipment and handling equipment would be preferred but not necessary. We’re looking for outgoing, professional, knowledgable, and detailed oriented creatives – huge plus if you’re comfortable with learning & using new applications/softwares.

Interested in Other Ways of Helping Out?

If you are interested in helping us out in other ways, feel free to reach out with ideas and suggestions for ways that we can trade!

Know Anyone Else?

And if you know anyone else who would be interested make sure to send them a link: