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Important: Studio Rentals Ending in September

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

From September's end, we'll be moving out of our current space and ending all studio rentals. Here are the important dates & policy updates you'll need to know till then:

  1. The official last day to rent the studio space is September 15th, exactly one month from now. If you were planning a shoot here and haven't pulled the trigger yet - definitely make sure to do so soon!

  2. Studio Sessions now have a minimum of 3-hours both weekdays and weekends

  3. Standard hours have extended to 8PM for each weekday.

  4. We'll also be putting a pause on local equipment rentals that are shorter term like weekend gear rentals starting September 1st.

  5. If you wish to rent Equipment after Sept 1st, contact our team and we'll see whether we can accommodate.

More on updated policies in another blog post.

Where's LensLockers Moving To?

During the past two years, we've been developing our Equipment Access Program, which offers growing photographers and freelancers the access and flexibility to the gear they need to launch their careers. As our LEAP Members grow across the US, it is imperative we deliver even better service & gear access. For this reason, we're moving to a warehouse set-up & shifting our full focus to developing our LensLockers Equipment Access Program. We're very fortunate to be able to work out such an opportune warehouse set-up & you can expect to see a facelift on LEAP in the near future as well as even better service.

Will LensLockers still have Studio Rentals?

Unfortunately this means also means that we'll no longer be offering Studio Rentals after the move. It's unlikely that we'll be building another studio open for the public in the foreseeable future as this shift will requires our team to be more mobile. We ultimately felt that if we weren’t able to serve our studio rental clients to our fullest, we should focus on perfecting our Equipment Access Program. We're super grateful for the opportunity to share our vision and our studio space with you in this time.

Here's what you may be able to take advantage of as we transition to a new phase at LensLockers.

Transitioning Gear Sale:

To make our transition to our warehouse space easier, we’re launching a sale into some of the equipment we have for rental and in the studio. If you’ve ever asked whether we’re selling something, now’s a good time to check it out. While this is a great opportunity for us to refresh our Equipment Access Offerings, we are in no rush to sell the equipment.

  1. Gear is limited, and prices will actually raise over time - we're offering great deals on pristine equipment and there are very limited quantities for them.

A New Home for Our Studio Gear & Furniture:

LensLockers' own needs for a studio is infrequent and though we've entertained the idea of resetting up a home studio, we thought the gear would be in better hands in a new home. If you're interested in starting a studio or even growing studios might be interested in becoming the new home for our studio gear.

We’ve outfitted this space with only to best even though it didn’t quite make sense at first to purchase ceiling rails, backdrop holders, italian made make-up tables, and more. But it was an investment that paid off with studio users & their clients both impressed and comfortable. It’s difficult for us to part with this set-up and we wish to find a new home for our studio gear.

Coming Soon: New Home for Our Studio Gear.

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