What are the Booking Add-Ons on the Booking Page?

You'll notice as you go through the booking process that you'd be able to add more options to your booking. Here are some of the options available for you to add-on to your booking:

  • 3x iKan LED Continuous Lights - this is the free, included lighting option if you are renting the studio for a video shoot, music video, or interview.

  • 3x LitePanels Bi-Color Astras Continuous Lights - An upgraded LED lighting that offers more even and diffused light. They are each 1000 Watt output lights.

  • 3x Profoto B1 Strobes, Modifiers & Accessories - An upgrade to our standard Paul C. Buff Einstein Strobes.

  • Backdrop Paper - We offer some standard Savage Seamless Backdrop Papers. Typically our color offerings are white, black, gray, green, blue, and red.

  • In-Studio Lens Rentals - You get a discounted rental rate when you rent out cameras and lenses specifically for your photography studio rental. If you already know what you need from our inventory list, please add that to the comments section of your booking.

  • No Lighting Set-up - You have your own Studio Lighting Set-up in mind? Just let us know and we'll clear out the space when you get here for your photo or video shoot.

  • Off-Hours - Each hour is set at $65/Hour. If you need more than 1 hour, you will have to contact us to add additional hours.

We also offer more modifications that will help make you photography or videography session perfect.

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