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50% off Photo & Video Equipment Rentals during your Studio Booking

Did you know that in addition to the equipment that is already included in your booking, you can rent photography and video equipment from LensLockers at half the daily rental rate? This makes it a perfect opportunity for you to test out equipment that you've been dying to try or to upgrade your photos because why not.

You can browse all of the equipment that are available for rental through our site We've got cameras, lenses, strobes, and more from brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony, Profoto, Litepanels, DJI and more.

In addition to being able to rent equipment for 50% of the daily rate, another benefit that you'll get when you rent equipment from Lenslockers is that the deposit required for the equipment rental will be waived. Typically the deposit for cameras are approximately $600 and for lenses are approximately $300. You'll be able to skip this if you are planning to use the equipment only in Studio. You can use our site to check the availability of the equipment for the days that you are booking the studio. However, to take advantage of the deposit waiver, you'll need to contact with the equipment that you're looking to rent so that we can put the order together for you. If you aren't sure which equipment you're looking to rent, you can always ask our team for suggestions. Please note that you'll need to fill out an additional document for equipment rentals but that can typically be done upon arrival during your studio booking.

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