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2019 LensLockers Studio Rental Rate Updates

Dear LensLockers Studio Customers,

Thank you to the photographers and videographers who have been a patron of LensLockers Studio this year and the years previous. In this post, we have some very important news regarding pricing updates for 2019. We will still be staying close to our vision of providing Photographers, Videographers, and Creatives from New England and across the United States a place for them to unleash their creativity.

2019 New Studio Rates

Weekday Hourly Rates: $55/Hour

Weekend Hourly Rates: $65/Hour

Off-Hours Rates: $75/Hour


Studio Membership: Studio Memberships will be increased to $365/Month for 10 Studio Hours and will require a 3 month commitment. As always, signing up for the membership will require a $150 deposit.


Cleaning Fees: $95 - $150.

Grip Equipment Rentals: $15 for the whole day.

Going forwards, you will still be able to take advantage of our 50% off discount for Equipment Rentals during your Studio Booking.


Why the Increase?

As you probably know, we’ve always tried to keep our studio rental rates as affordable as possible so that photographers of all levels can utilize the space. We're proud to have helped creatives start off their photography and videography business by providing them the resources, both space and equipment, that they need to create professional and high quality content.

We will continue to try and do so, but unfortunately our costs, such as rental costs, maintenance costs, equipment maintenance costs have increased substantially earlier this year. Our small increase of $10 will help our team cover the increase in costs that happened earlier this year in 2018. We'll continue to provide free amenities such as wifi, coffee, and water for all your studio bookings.

Cleaning Fees: The cleaning fees have increased slightly, but as you may know, we almost never charge the cleaning fee unless substantial work is required to clean up after a studio booking. The increase is a result of the increased cost of our paints and labor.

Grip Equipment: We will begin charging for the use of our Grip Equipment due to the fact that regular wear and tear has already required us to replace many of the studio equipment we offer. You can see the full list of grip equipment that you can rent for $15 for the entire duration of your studio booking here.

When will these new rates be effective?

The new studio rental rates will go into effect after the Second Week of January, on Friday January 18th, 2019. Until then, you will still be able to schedule your studio rental for the future and lock in the current rental rates.


Ways You Can Save on Studio Rentals:

There are several ways for you to save on studio rentals going forward in 2018.

1. Discount Codes

1. LensLockers Studio Clients who have booked with us before 2019 qualify to receive a custom discount code that will allow you to get a discounted rate. For more details about how you can get this code, please visit this page for more information.

2. LEAP Members

If you are a LEAP (LensLockers Equipment Access Program) , you will be able to take advantage of the 2018 Studio Rental Rates as long as you remain a LEAP Member. LensLockers Equipment Access Program allows you to rent photography and video equipment on a monthly basis and swap as many times as you'd like each month. If you're already renting equipment from other vendors, please check out LEAP to see if it's right for y our creative growth.

3. Studio Members

Studio Members that signed up in 2018 will be able to keep the same monthly studio membership rates and its benefits as long as they do not cancel. To sign up for the Studio Memberships, please go to 2018 LensLockers Photo & Video Studio Membership.

4. Bulk Studio Hours Purchase: