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2019 Studio Insiders Discount Event

Dear Lenslockers Clients,

If you've been a LensLockers Client from 2018 or before, we having an event that will allow you to get an individual specific discount code that you can use to get a discounted rate off our 2019 Studio Rental Rates.

This insider event begins on December 10, 2018 and will end January 25th, 2019.

What's the Insider Discount?

The codes will provide a $10 hourly discount for both Weekday and Weekend Rentals. You can use your insider code all throughout the calendar year of 2019.

What you have to do:

  1. Follow us in Instagram (@LensLockers_Studio).

  2. Tag us in (at least) three photos (or videos) using #LenslockersStudio that you've shot at LensLockers Studio this year. It could be an edited photo, behind the scenes, or even equipment set-ups at LensLockers Studio.

  3. Fill out the form here after completing the above two steps(this takes less than 5 minutes). The link to the form is:

Who Qualifies for the Discount Code?

If you have rented the studio or if your team have rented the studio from 2015-2018, you qualify to participate in this code event. You do not have to be a photographer or videographer to participate in this event: you can be a client that visited LensLockers Studio, a model who shot here, a make-up artist, a student that attended a workshop here, or even friend who tagged along with a photographer on a shoot.

If you've tagged us in photos in the past, those too, will count towards your 3 photo count. Even if you've done this however, please make sure to fill out this form so that we have your email address to send you the discount code.

Using the Discount Codes:

All you have to do is input the code when you are scheduling the studio through our website. You can see the field to input your code to the right:

Exclusive use:

This code is for you and your shoots only. The individual the discount codes is provided to must be present during the booking or the discount code will be removed and the additional charges will be applied to the booking. If you are not present during a studio rental that uses your discount code, we may void your code for future usage.

Inviting Others to become an Insider

If you would like to give others who have not visited an opportunity to get their own discount code, you may do so on the last question of the survey. You can enter their full name, IG, and email (last one is optional) -- we will send them a link to complete the Insiders Sign-Up via their direct message in IG. You may invite up to three people to join Studio Insiders with you.

Deadline: Sunday, January 27th, 2019.

From January 27th - 30th, our team will be reviewing the submissions and on the 31st, we will send you the link for the Insiders Discount Code.

Once you receive the Insider Discount code, you can also drop by our Studio on a weekday to receive a physical keytag that has your code on it. This is optional but suggested so that you do not forget your code and can bring it in for your studio rental to verify that you are the individual using the code.

LensLockers Studio's Use of your Tagged Photos: By participating, you agree to let LensLockers use the images for promotional purposes. We will always give credit to you when using the photos by linking to your instagram or website if applicable. We do not claim these photos as our own.

Nametag to follow us on Instagram:

Scan this IG nametag to follow us on Instagram.