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Studio Photography Classes

Workshops at LensLockers

Boston photographers of all levels can take their skills to the next level. Take the guess work out of learning photography by developing your skills through hand-on experience at LensLockers Studio. 

Upcoming Classes

Beauty Portfolio Building Workshop 

The class starts with a hands-on introduction of the main types of studio lights and modifiers, understanding angles, and how to pose your model to find the most pleasing light, and the camera settings needed to photograph beauty.  

This workshop is aimed at all intermediate level photographers who wish to learn beauty lighting techniques or simply to grow their already existing knowledge and learn some effective creative tips and tricks. 

You'll get the opportunity to work directly with models, and make-up artists and get famiilar with learning to work in a professional photography studio. Studio lighting (Strobes) are provided and you can even rent cameras for the day. All you have to do is come in wanting to create!

Date: June 23rd | Time: 11:00 AM - 4:00PM | 6 Person Limit​

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