ABOUT LensLockers Studio

LensLockers Studio has served the photography, videography, and creative community in the Boston and Greater New England Area since Fall 2013. We believe that a photo and video studio should be more than just a light and a backdrop. It should be a place for that photographers can unlease their creativity.

At LensLockers Studio, we believe that a photo studio should be more than a backdrop, set of lights, and a place to shoot. A photo studio should be a controlled setting designed to facilitate your creative shooting process. More importantly, it should never limit you. 


In a studio with a full infinity backdrop, powerful strobes, integrated workstation, and much more, nothing can stop you from what you’re meant to do. The infinity backdrop may create the illusion of infinite space, but you create the reality of your infinite creativity.


If you have any questions about our studio space, or would like to partner up with LensLockers, please feel free to shoot us an email at the contact form below. 

Contact Information

24 Roland Street, Suite 102

Boston, MA 02129

Email: Support@lenslockers.com

Tel:  (781) 596-8606

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