Studio Bay Photos

LensLockers Studio Bay (20 feet x 40 feet) with Blackout Curtains and Wooden Shades brought Up. White cyclorama extends the full 20 feet across. Manfrotto railing system on top can be seen with a default lighting set-up of either 3x Paul C. Buff Einstein Lighting Strobes or 3x Ikan LED Lights with 1000 Watts, 500 Watts, and 500 Watts lights. 

LensLockers Studio Bay (20 feet x 40 feet) with Blackout Curtains and Wooden Shades down. Blackout curtains allow for full control of in Studio lighting set-up. 


On the left, you can see our Backdrop Stand System that can simultaneously hold multiple Savage Seamless Backdrops. By default our available backdrops are Black, White, Green, Gray (multiple shades), Blue/Navy, and Red. Please email to check for the availability of any of the lights. 


For more about our pricing and usage for the Savage Seamless backdrops, click to visit our FAQ Section of our site

Side profile of our photo & video studio bay. Cyclorama extends approximately 20 feet out. Please note that Cyclorama is a permanent fixture and can not be "rolled up". Within the studio is speakers, height adjustable whiteboard table, and various props that can be used during your studio booking. 

Above is a slightly wider view of the usable studio bay. Space picture is all included in your studio booking. The open space goes back another 20 feet. To the left of the studio bay is the make-up and changing area that make-up artists, models, and clients will be able to enjoy as they prep for your photography session. 

Conference Room Photos

Conference room that clients walk through before getting to the Photo & Video Studio Bay. Conference room includes a handmade glass and wood beam table that fits approximately 8 people with set of 6 Herman Miller style chairs. Carpeting is light gray color. HD LG TV (54'') to the right may be moved if needed with the help of a LensLockers representative during your booking. 


During your studio booking, you are also permitted to set-up and shoot photography and video within the conference room.  During

Reception and Lobby Area 

Photographers and Clients may hang out in the reception area until their photo or video session starts.

This is a shared space during your studio rental since LensLockers Studio operates in conjunction with our Equipment Rentals and LensLockers Equipment Access Program , photographers and videographers may come in to browse and return photography and video equipment. 


If you need to shoot in the Reception area, please let us know specifically in advance so that our team may determine whether or not it would work.